Samstag, 21. Dezember 2019


is a figure. One to think, one to act. It's easy to confuse the levels because they are so close together on the keyboards of our stable elite.

The hunter decides about life and death. He stands in front of the field of the living, like in front of a screen, a miniature model, a hologram. He oversees the metabolism, the circulations and the laws of nature. He invented nature himself to study its processes, to learn its strategies and tactics - always in secret - to say then that he saw it in his sleep. But now the hunter stands in his clearing and decides what should exist in the light and what should exist outside. He decides about the number of beings that have to die in order to achieve a balance. A balance so invisible and so enigmatic that only he can measure it. He is so confident in what he measures that he almost feels it, with his insides, with everything he says, does and speaks - without wanting to. Nothing is missing because it is him who survives. it is him who is universal.

And then he raises his weapon, because without weapons there is no such thing as him. The balance must be made with weapons. why the individual was killed is only clear from a distance. Only from a distance does the picture appear symmetrical, the cut golden and the composition of the picture balanced. The dead body is no longer a body, but has become part of nature. He falls straight out of nature into nature. Mother earth. The dark woman. It is only a secret. but there are no secrets in the light of the hunter. Its history has a beginning in ancient times and a future in Star Wars. Everything in between is just the cycle of nature.

Strengthened by the factual, the hunter travels everywhere. Because nature is nature and everywhere nature and therefore the hunter is hunter everywhere. Everything around him changes into nature, adapts to his steps, his breathing and his gestures. And if not, it immediately disappears in the picture, falls into the bottomlessness and out of history. Therefore, there is nobody who is really dangerous to the hunter. And in real life? He just stays the same. Bang. Everyone agrees there. When he talks about his trips, safaris and adventures, some understand nothing and others understand everything.

The state of emergency is the rule for the hunter. The animals get strange names and the people lose their -. Where the hunter cleans up, nobody is missing. They are erased and those who can remember the bodies in the exceptional field are also erased. That is why extinction has no end and natural balance is a messianic undertaking.

The hunter is an indicator of asymmetrical relationships - errors in science, self-overestimation, errors in the system.

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